Bildungssysteme im Vergleich - Interkultureller Austausch zur Hochschuldidaktik von Deutschland und China.

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The workshop is designed as an intercultural exchange on teaching and learning conditions at the tertiary institution of each country. For this purpose, the group of Chinese participants is assigned a German learning group, consisting of academic staff and student academic assistants. As part of a moderated discussion on correlations relating to teaching and learning theory and possibilities within tertiary education, space will be created for participants to engage in a mutual exchange “on an equal footing”, and consequently a framework for discussion of, and reflection on, different experiences, perspectives, traditions and values.

Principles of active, self-managed learning, project work, and competency-orientation will be introduced as fundamental theoretical concepts, on the basis of a systemic-constructivist approach to adult education. For this, problem-based forms of teaching and learning which are aimed towards self-management will be focussed on consistently, so that knowledge on the level of one’s own experience may be deepened.

The workshop will be divided into two parts: One in Germany, and one in China. Ten days will be completed in Germany, and five in Shanghai at the German-Chinese College of Technology at the ECUST.

Workshop in Germany

The visit of Chinese professors to Germany will make it possible to engage in discussions away from involvement in daily tasks and duties. The modern facilities of the North Sea Academy in Leck, in an idyllic location close to the Danish border, offer not only the opportunity to engage in discussion and reflection on concepts relating to tertiary education, the location also offers the possibility of numerous excursions to the surrounding areas. On excursions to the North and Baltic Seas, and to Hamburg, Flensburg and Copenhagen, a first-hand experience of the land and its people is assured.

A visit to Flensburg University will provide a first insight into German tertiary education. As part of a seminar for foreign students at the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences, insight will be provided into the teaching methods used, and afterwards a specialist educational discussion session with the teaching staff will be conducted. Further teaching staff participating in the German-Chinese study model will be available during the workshop for an exchange of experiences.

Workshop in Shanghai

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The second part of the workshop will take place directly at the Sino-German College of the ECUST in Shanghai. Here, cultural differences will once again be discussed as the central theme, involving the local experience of German participants. In addition, the learning content from Germany will be examined in more depth, and discussed in the context of integration into the various seminars and lectures. The ideas will be implemented directly in the lectures, with support offered and rendered at the discretion of the individual lecturers, and a subsequent constructive feedback session will round out the process. Here, too, excursions to Shanghai and the surrounding areas will further understanding of special cultural features.