Bildungssysteme im Vergleich - Interkultureller Austausch zur Hochschuldidaktik von Deutschland und China.

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Curriculare Entwicklung der Schulung und Organisatorische Umsetzung Educational curriculum development and organisational implementation 

Educational curriculum development and organisational implementation

The development of the content of the course of study and its implementation constitute the core process of the project. Furthermore, a further education module will be developed, which will enable the participating Chinese tertiary teaching staff to sufficiently prepare their students specifically for studying in Germany. This module shall be based on findings relating to cultural differences, and take into account the scientific standard of knowledge with regard to research in teaching and learning in general, and in tertiary teaching in particular. To this end, excursions to German tertiary institutions are planned, in addition to relevant teaching units. The development and implementation of a tutorial system with online support, in the form of a learning guide, is planned in order to support the transfer into the ECUST teaching culture, and to ensure the sustainability of the teaching content.

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