Bildungssysteme im Vergleich - Interkultureller Austausch zur Hochschuldidaktik von Deutschland und China.

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Development and secondary research:

Modern forms of teaching and learning in tertiary education in the German-Chinese study model

Since September of 2004, the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences and the East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) have jointly conducted the English language study programs, Environmental Engineering and Information Technology, in Shanghai. This study program is the first and so far only project of this nature in Schleswig Holstein, as well as being a pilot project for all of Germany, and has been awarded top scores by an independent evaluation team commissioned by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).

In order to further enhance the quality of the courses of study, a research project was commenced on April 1, 2008, conducted by the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences and funded by the DAAD. This project reflects the comparative conditions of tertiary education, and seeks to jointly implement active forms of both teaching and learning. With its Centre for Further Education in Science (ZWW), Flensburg University has assumed the responsibility for development and secondary research. In conjunction with faculty representatives from the German-Chinese project management team of the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences, the Centre designs and conducts tertiary teaching workshops in Germany and China.

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